Friday, January 30, 2009

Backpacking on the Coastal Trail

We've just returned from a great overnight backpacking trip on the California Coastal Trail through Redwood National Park. We stationed a car on either end of the 13 mile segment, meaning we didn't need to backtrack. The weather was terrific, blue skies and sunshine both days. Last night, the stars were piercingly clear. We laid in our cozy sleeping bags with our heads sticking out of the tent, staring up into the constellations for a long time before zipping in for the night. Today, we followed elk tracks and bobcat scat through towering redwoods. Parts of the trail traversed a bluff, a thousand feet above the crashing surf. The trail ended at one of the most beautiful overlooks we've seen so far in California. If you come to visit us, we'll bring you there! Check out some photos from the trip...

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