Saturday, September 24, 2016

The heat of August along Lake Superior

August, 2016:  August continued where July left off with hot temps, glorious swimming days and many wonderful days on the waters of Lake Superior.  By the middle of month, the winds had begun to pick up, a sure sign of late summer.  As the blueberries began to fade, the thimbleberries took their place.  Our fridge and freezer is full of thimbleberry jam!  Add that to fresh, homemade bread...yum!! 

We got out on a number of backcountry trips, with campsites at Moskey Basin, Threemile and Lake Richie, as well as a fun little camping outing right here at Rock Harbor campground.  Our trip to Lake Richie involved a boat trip to Moskey and a 2 mile backpacking trail out to Richie.  Jasper had a blast and carried his own backpack much of the way!  Once out at the lake, we played in the water for a long time (then pulled the leaches off from between our toes...), and spent some wonderful time canoeing around the lake.  At sunset, we glided along the glass-calm waters past islands and calling loons. 

The island continues to be very busy as we approached and went through the centennial.  Still many medicals and search and rescues out there.  For work, I got out scuba diving in several places, and spent lots of time on boat, trail, kayak and canoe patrol.  Sometimes, I forget I'm actually working! 

At the end of the month, we enjoyed a wonderful visit from my mom and dad.  Jasper was SO excited to have Grandma and Grandpa come for a visit!  He proudly showed them all of his favorite places in Rock Harbor.  We got out boating a lot, did some hiking and watched a huge bull moose swimming from island to island in Tobin Harbor. 
A happy kid in front of our home on Isle Royale

Canoeing time!

Pure joy!

Jasper ready to canoe near Lake Richie

Beaver outside of our campsite at Moskey Basin

Sunrise at Moskey Basin

Early morning light at Lake Richie

My favorite little boy!

Heading out on a hike with Grandma and Grandpa

Boating with the family

Exploring around Rock Harbor with Grandma and Grandpa

A happy visit with Grandma and Grandpa!

At the America Dock

A big bull moose crossing Tobin Harbor

Almost ready for the rut...

Monday, September 5, 2016

Deep summer on a wilderness island

July, 2016:  Temps began to heat up as July rolled along.  By the middle of the month, we were swimming nearly every day and Lake Superior waters were creeping up in to the middle and even upper 60's!  We started snorkeling in Tobin Harbor and even snorkeled around two of the nearby islands. 

The island became busier and busier with many medicals and some pretty major search and rescues.  One involved two patients, long litter carries, overnight and a helicopter hoist (in the dark).   

We got out on backcountry trips to Merritt Lane, Moskey Basin and Daisy Farm.  By the middle of the month, the blueberries had just started to get ripe!  Our freezer is full of a bountiful harvest!  We had some wonderful visits from friends:  Rori in mid July and Rama along with his daughter Lakshana in late July. 

Pink Ladyslipper

Jasper peers into our tent at Merritt Lane

Out at Blake Point - the far NE tip on the island (and a rather crazy xc trek to get there!)


Canoeing out near Merritt Lane

Red fox

The top predator/prey on Isle Royale...moose and wolves

Fun time in the water at Daisy Farm!


Sleeping Giant viewed from Lane Cove on the North Shore

Our campsite at Moskey Basin

Friday, September 2, 2016

The very start of Summer on Isle Royale!

June, 2016:  Wildflowers erupted all over the island with the arrival of June.  Summer has begun!  We moved back in to our house in Rock Harbor and were once again, connected to the main trail system in the park.  Early June was rather foggy, but gradually the sunshine returned and brought many calm days.  We began exploring more and more in our Porta-bote...a 12 foot foldable skiff that we have with a 6 hp engine in the back.

Early in the month, we had a great visit from our friends Christy and Paul and their two kids.  Jasper had so much fun having playmates for a short time.  We got out on some great hikes and took our boat out for some exploring.    

In the middle of the month, we took the Ranger III off the island and drove down state for brother Mark's wedding.  We saw many family and friends during this whirlwind tour.  On our second to last night we stayed at the Bass Family's cottage on Lake Michigan, where we were able to swim and play on the beach.  Our final night of travels was spent at Lake Michigan Rec Area in the lower part of the UP.  We camped here with a strong wind off of Lake Michigan from the south.  The hypnotic sound of waves lulled us to sleep.

Back on Isle Royale, we got out on an overnight camping trip to Daisy Farm near the end of the month.  During this trip, we hiked the Daisy Farm triangle and saw 3 moose (cow and two calves)swimming in Lake Ojibway.   

Wildflower hike

Eastern Columbine

Susanna at the helm of our little boat!

Red fox along the trail

Out exploring in our boat with Christy, Paul and kids

Found this little explorer at Suzy's Cave out during one of my trail patrols! 

Great friends at the Bass Family cottage on Lake Michigan

Jasper finds a dragon fly very interesting!

Ahhh.... Summer!