Monday, July 5, 2010

Home Decor

We're nearly finished decorating our home, and it feels good. It's filled with memories from our travels around the world, combined with furniture that we've picked up in California.

Hope you can come and visit at some point. We've enjoyed all of our visitors so far!

As the Garden Grows...

We're really loving home-ownership. We love the fact that the walls of our home are no longer just plain white. We love that everything we own fits inside our home, so we no longer need a storage unit. And we LOVE the fact that we can do a little bit of gardening in our own backyard. We're just beginners, but it's pretty exciting to watch our little lettuce plants sprout, and the sugar snap peas climb up the chicken wire and form little white flowers. What's even more exciting is walking over to our blueberry bushes and popping a few berries in our mouths each day! We're experimenting with flowers, too...the forest service was handing out packets of native poppy seeds, but they haven't been in the ground long enough to sprout yet. More updates to come.

We have four different varieties of blueberries, each one producing fruit at a slightly different time of year, and with varied flavors.

Some people wonder why our blueberry garden looks like Fort Knox...well, we have issues with groundhogs getting the roots, slugs getting the leaves and berries, and neighborhood cats using it as their litter box. So now our blueberries are very well-protected. And delicious. :)

I can't wait to taste the snap peas once they've had a few more weeks to grow. :)