Sunday, September 30, 2012

Visit from Las Vegas Part II

 In early September, we enjoyed a wonderful visit from Susanna's parents.  During the visit, we hiked in the redwoods and along the beaches (Trinidad and Malel Dunes), enjoyed the HSU touch-tank and aquarium and (of course) spent lots of time with Jasper!
Malel Dunes North

Happy time with Abu

One cool dude!

A perfect image from on top of Trinidad Head

A VERY happy munchkin!

Burning Man

 In late August, I was sent to a very interesting work detail in the Black Rock Desert in NW Nevada.  This is the location of the Burning Man Event, a festival which attracts more than 50,000 visitors to a remote, dusty desert on BLM land.  I spent 10 days protecting the people and the land...not always an easy thing to do in a city the size of the state capital of Nevada!  This was the third time I've gone on this detail.  All in all, it was a great time!  Here are some of my photos...
Sunrise at the "Temple"

This "Sinking Ship" was my favorite piece of art

Early morning and ready for patrol!

The burning of "The Man"

Some wild and frightening fire behavior during the burning of the man!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Between the Marble Mountains and the Trinity Alps

In late August, we headed to the mountains for a night at Trail Creek, a Forest Service campground near the PCT just north of the Trinity Alps and just south of the Marble Mountains.  We swam on both days, picked amazingly HUGE blackberries, hiked on the PCT in the chilly, early morning air and soaked up life in the mountains.   
Our campsite at Trail Creek Campground

Along the PCT in the Trinity Alps

Rugged mountains at the northern edge of the Trinity Alps

Jasper lounges in his tent at a swimming hole!

Life is good!!

Cool water and hot sunshine on a perfect summer day!!

Visit from Las Vegas Part I

In mid- August we had a wonderful visit from Susanna's sister, Lena.  We enjoyed a spectacular sunset over the ocean, an exciting adventure at Trees of Mystery, Redwood National Park, the Farmer's Market in Arcata and the beaches in Trinidad.  We also picked a huge amount of blackberries!  Ahhh.... Summer!!
Sunset over the Pacific from the scenic drive near Trinidad

Going up the chair lift into the redwood forest at Trees of Mystery

A tired munchkin...

An awake munchkin...

Lena at the Pacific Ocean!

Trinidad beach

Aunt Lena and her nephew Jasper

The Oregon Coast

In late July, we drove north in to Oregon, Jasper's 3rd state!  We spent two nights camping. The first night was along the Chetco River, a beautiful river in the Siskiyou National Forest just east of Brookings.  We enjoyed a wonderful, river-side campsite with a very refreshing swimming hole nearby.  On the second night, we stayed at Humbug Mountain State Park along the coast.  The sky was deep blue, the sun warm and the breeze cool.  On our third morning, we enjoyed a long hike on the Oregon coastal trail.  We lounged in the sun and soaked up the impressive ocean views. 
Campsite along Chetco River

Chetco River

Jasper laughing in the tent!

Beautiful beach at Humbug Mountain St. Park

Daddy and baby lounging in the warm sun along the Oregon coastal trail

A growing fire in the mountains

On July 11, we escaped the foggy coast and drove to the oven-like interior of Northern California.  Temps went from 58 on the coast to 104 inland!  We set up camp in a beautiful, little campground (above) called Ripstein on the edge of the Trinity Alps.  A rushing river was below us and a light breeze blew through the pines.  By evening, the temps had dropped and we spent a pleasant couple of hours exploring the area.

During the night, we started to smell smoke.  We went for a hike up Canyon Creek into the wilderness and soaked up the views of jagged peaks.  Gradually, the smell of smoke grew stronger and stronger.  As we ended our hike, we found out that a wildfire had started in a campground along Highway 299 and was growing fast!  We quickly made our way back to 299 and heard conflicting reports as to whether or not the road was open.  Within a few miles, we were traveling through the fire zone.  There was one-way traffic on the highway and we could see flames just above us.  Several smoldering logs lay in the road, having rolled off the steep slope. 

Fortunately, we made it out of the blistering hot interior and back to the cool, damp coast!

Entering the Trinity Alps Wilderness!

The beautiful mountains of the Trinity Alps

Smoke and flame along the highway and just above it!

Visit from Michigan

This visit actually occurred over 2 months ago!  I am finally catching up a bit...  In early July, we had a wonderful visit from Mom, Dad and Mark.  They had driven from Michigan to California via the Canadian Rockies!  We had a wonderful visit with adventures in Patricks Point St. Park, Redwood NP, Malel Dunes North (US Fish and Wildlife), Trinidad (Elk Head) and Jasper's baptism.