Monday, June 1, 2015

Isle Royale in May

The month of May on Isle Royale was generally cool, with a mix of beautiful sunshine and cold, rainy, foggy days.  We even had a day or two of late season snow!  We moved back in to our wonderful cabin at Rock Harbor.  Jasper was very excited to be back on the island.  He wants to see boats and to throw rocks in the water...both of which are plentiful here!  After seeing me catch the lines of an incoming ferry, he has told me many times to, "catch the lines, daddy, catch the lines!"  He also practices catching his own lines on the toy boat near the lodge.  We've gotten out on lots of hikes and been canoeing several times. 

My patrol days have brought me many places on the eastern side of the island.  We had one marathon 15 hour search and rescue which involved 15 miles of hiking, 3 miles of canoeing and a couple of hours of power boat driving.  What a day! 

All in all, we are letting the wilderness soak in to our souls and loving every minute of it! 
Looking southwest from the Ojibway Tower
Family canoe outing on Tobin Harbor
Fresh snow on balsam fir

A happy boy on a wild, rocky shoreline

Greeting the Voyageur II at Rock Harbor

On patrol in Duncan Bay

Siskiwit Falls - coming out of Siskiwit Lake

Getting ready for canoe patrol from Birch Island - North Shore