Monday, September 5, 2016

Deep summer on a wilderness island

July, 2016:  Temps began to heat up as July rolled along.  By the middle of the month, we were swimming nearly every day and Lake Superior waters were creeping up in to the middle and even upper 60's!  We started snorkeling in Tobin Harbor and even snorkeled around two of the nearby islands. 

The island became busier and busier with many medicals and some pretty major search and rescues.  One involved two patients, long litter carries, overnight and a helicopter hoist (in the dark).   

We got out on backcountry trips to Merritt Lane, Moskey Basin and Daisy Farm.  By the middle of the month, the blueberries had just started to get ripe!  Our freezer is full of a bountiful harvest!  We had some wonderful visits from friends:  Rori in mid July and Rama along with his daughter Lakshana in late July. 

Pink Ladyslipper

Jasper peers into our tent at Merritt Lane

Out at Blake Point - the far NE tip on the island (and a rather crazy xc trek to get there!)


Canoeing out near Merritt Lane

Red fox

The top predator/prey on Isle Royale...moose and wolves

Fun time in the water at Daisy Farm!


Sleeping Giant viewed from Lane Cove on the North Shore

Our campsite at Moskey Basin

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