Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Well, to be truthful, I didn't spent the WHOLE day at the beach, but I did get to visit for an hour or so this afternoon. We went to our wonderful church this morning and visited with many of our new friends briefly after the service. Mike then headed to his job, and I, to mine. I spent three hours with one of my autistic clients, working on various preschool age-appropriate activities. Some of the games deal with identification of colors and animals and shapes; others focus on sorting or manual dexterity skills. He's a cute little kid, full of energy. I love it when he says my name; although he has difficulty communicating in general and pronunciating even the simplest of words, he tries his best with my name. Cute. We took a nice walk around town to work on walking and social situation skills. He was fascinated with the "babies" at the playground. He kept saying "hi, babies" and "bye, babies." Sometimes the hours that I spend working as a behavior therapist fly by and are filled with cuteness; other times the hours pass painfully slowly. Today was a good day.

After work, I drove to the beach and took a nice walk. The river flows for a ways along the inner edge of the sandy beach, and its course has changed dramatically even since we first arrived. I didn't see any whales spouting (although the waves might have been too big to notice) or seals laying on the beach, but it was still a nice walk. It was quite breezy, and spattered rain for a few minutes, but eventually the sun broke out and the sky cleared up.

Now I'm preparing a chicken and veggie stir fry for dinner. Smells good. Hasta luego!

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