Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rain Has Arrived

Well, the surprisingly sunny weather that we've experienced so far in Humboldt County has finally changed to the more typical--that means RAIN and gray skies. But we were still able to walk to church and back this morning, and I was able to take a walk with my client this afternoon, before the rain really set in. I know the area needs rain, but oh-how-I-love the sunny days.

In the few days since I last wrote, our moving van deposited all of our boxes into their new temporary home, a nearby storage facility. It was interesting to see what we deemed "important" enough to make the trip out here, back when we packed these boxes (about 4 months ago). We were amazed that, once we consolidated the goods into fewer boxes, we could fit all of it into a 9 x 5 storage unit. What a relief that is!

I'm still looking for an apartment in Georgia. I had a pretty good lead on a studio near Mike's academy, but it's already been rented to someone else. That was a disappointment, but I'm sure something will turn up.

I've firmed up my summer plans a bit. I'll be volunteering as a roving ranger at Isle Royale NP for 1 month, and I'm so excited about it. What better way to spend a month than on Isle Royale, a place that I love so dearly?

Now the cold that Mike suffered from last week has ravaged its way into my system, leaving me with a very sore throat. It feels like my vocal cords (or something back there) are swelling and making it difficult to swallow. I didn't think I'd make it through my work session today; between the pain of my sore throat and the really bad behavior of my client, I just wanted to put my head underneath a pillow and call it a day! His mom is SO patient and well-informed about autism, and I've learned a lot by observing the techniques that she employs with him. I have so much to learn!

Once again, our church is a huge blessing. We attended an event last night called "Tables of Eight." One lady coordinates potluck dinners at a bunch of different houses, and assigns each person who is interested in attending to one specific house, with seven other people. We had a wonderful meal and really enlightening conversations with other folks from our church. During the service this morning, Mike commented that he feels like a real member of the church community now that we've gotten to know so many people there. We're very lucky.

Tomorrow is another day at the zoo. I'm looking forward to feeding raisins to the spider monkeys. :)

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