Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Rainy Day on the Coastal Trail

A cold wind was blowing and a light rain was falling as we began hiking from Klamath River Overlook on the Coastal Trail in Redwood National Park. The trail set out along waving grasses some 500 feet above the crashing surf. We walked along a high bluff with nearly-continuous views of the largest of all oceans. Soon, the trail dropped to the rugged coast at Hidden Beach. Huge, storm-driven waves crashed against the rocky coast sending ocean spray high into the air.

The final section of the trail wound around a point of land, with ocean on three sides. Ahead of us was a bridge and a sign which we had hiked by on a previous adventure. This completes the Coastal Trail through Redwood NP! It's another goal accomplished! After a little over 8 miles, we quickly climbed into our little red car to escape the now howling wind. As we drove back south to our home in Mckinleyville, the light rain turned to a hard rain. It is now pounding off our roof and reminding us of how fortunate we are to have a warm shelter from the storm!

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