Friday, May 6, 2016

The very start of the Pacific Crest Trail!

March, 2016:  In mid March, my brother John and I began an epic adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail in Southern California.  We got dropped off at the Mexican border and started hiking north with a goal of the Pines to Palms highway, some 151 miles to the north!  What an adventure it was!  Nine glorious days on the trail, with nothing to do but hike and soak in the grand scene of deserts and mountains, sunshine, flowers, stars and solitude...
Day 1:  Campsite with views back towards Mexica

Day 2:  Hiking down towards Lake Morena

Day 3:  Climbing up into the Laguna Mountains

Day 4:  High in the Laguna Mountains looking down towards the desert way below

Day 5:  The northern end of the Laguna Mountains, just before the desert!

Day 6:  San Felipe Hills
Day 7:  Eagle Rock, just outside of Warner Springs

Day 8:  First light from an incredible, boulder-filled campsite

The dynamic duo!

Day 9:  Looking north towards Mt. San Jacinto

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