Friday, May 6, 2016

The Grand Canyon

February, 2016:  In late January, we made a cross country journey to the Grand Canyon.  We lived in park housing for two weeks, while I went to the Albright Training Center for work.  The day we got to the canyon, a blizzard was pummeling the rim.  The next morning, there was nothing but sunshine, bright blue sky and thick snow on the ground.  Temps stayed cold for the first week.  I was able to snowshoe twice under the incredible night sky.  Gradually, the temps warmed until the second week when it climbed into the 60's and felt much closer to spring than winter.  We enjoyed lots of spectacular sunsets along the rim and totally enjoyed our time "working" in the Grand Canyon!
Winter along the rim of the Grand Canyon!

Sunset along the rim

Just after the sunset...

Albright Training Center

El Tovar

Jasper sees something interesting across the canyon!

Another grand sunset along perhaps the grandest of all canyons!

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