Friday, May 6, 2016

The snow's piling high!

January, 2016:  We spent the month of January watching the snow pile higher and higher.  It was a slow start to winter into early January, but it came on with a force after that.  By winter's end, we would have 287 inches of snow that fell throughout the Keweenaw!  This made for some fantastic skiing.  We skied or snowshoed pretty much everyday throughout our short month in the north. 
Jasper and Mommy heading out onto the ski trail!

Happy skiers!

When Jasper gets tired, I pull him behind me in a sled

A silent winter forest...

Doesn't matter if it's snowing like crazy, this kid loves to play outside!

The beginning of a storm that dropped 24 inches of snow within 12 hours

After the storm...All in all, we got more than 40 inches of snow over a 3 day period!

Ahhh....  Time to ski!

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