Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September on Isle Royale

Sunset reflection on Duncan Bay (click on photo for larger image)
September is an exciting month on Isle Royale.  Fall colors start to appear, the visitors start to become scarce, the weather begins to get wild, there is a crispness in the air, the moose are in the rut, the wolves are roaming far and wide... 

We were able to get out on a 3-day canoe trip in early September.  We portaged over the Greenstone Ridge and spent the first night at Duncan Bay.  The second night was spent at Belle Isle.  The weather was quite warm and sunny for a couple of the days and cool and windy for the other.  We found blueberries by the fist-full on one of the outer islands. 

Soon after our return, a massive storm from the arctic descended onto the island.  Winds topped 40 mph and waves in the open lake were 14-17 feet!  Since this storm, temps have struggled to make it to 50. 

The stars have been out of this world.  One night, we saw a green band of light hovering in the northern sky.  Northern Lights!  Another night, we listened to moose in the rut calling just across the harbor.

Our time here is limited and we are making the most of every day.  On September 19, we will make the journey back to the mainland and gear up for the next adventure...
A canoe on the Greenstone Ridge?  Yes, we are half way through a crazy portage...which is even crazier with a 2 year old!

Portage from Duncan Bay to Five Finger Bay

View from Belle Isle

Jasper and his friend, the frog!

One of the outer islands
Isle Royale Lighthouse - Menagerie Island

Greenstone Ridge

Late afternoon light

On the way up to the Ojibway Tower

Ojibway Tower

Sunset along Tobin Harbor


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