Tuesday, September 16, 2014

August on Isle Royale

Moskey Basin on a warm, summer day
 With August, came lots of beautiful, sunny weather and warm temps.  We even went swimming a few times...although we weren't in the water long!  There were lots of medicals and several search and rescues.  For one, a US Coast Guard helicopter came in to transport an injured hiker to the mainland. 

We had a wonderful visit from our friends Laurie and Loren from California.  While they were here, we got out on a number of excellent hikes and also boated all over Rock Harbor channel, exploring the lighthouse, Edison Fishery and the moose/wolf researcher's cabin. 

We got out on several overnight canoe trips and Susanna did a two night, solo backpacking trip in to the interior of the island.  This was the first time she was away from Jasper for a night!  It worked out well for both!  We canoed around Blake Point in total calm one evening (while camped at Merritt Lane).  It was wild to be canoeing in this area known for it's extremely wavy conditions.  The loons were very active and sandhill cranes often called from the ridgeline across Tobin Harbor.   
Jasper exploring the wild and rugged shoreline of Lake Superior

Rock Harbor Lighthouse

Ranger and Jr. Ranger!

Rescue of an injured hiker

Moonset and morning light along Tobin Harbor and the distant Greenstone Ridge

Our California connection!  Laurie and Loren come for a visit!

A happy day along a wild shoreline near Rock Harbor

Canoe trip near Merritt Lane

Early morning light from Merritt Lane Campground
Morning mist on Hatchett Lake on Susanna's solo backpacking trip
Jasper exploring near Scoville Point

Late August sunset from Tobin Harbor

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