Monday, September 15, 2014

July on Isle Royale

Ranger III at Rock Harbor
 We made it out to the island on July 4.  We were SO excited to move in to our new home and have an island wilderness out our front and back doors!  There are 165 miles of trails on the island as well as countless water routes for canoeing and kayaking. 

Here we are in Rock Harbor...our new home!
The beginning of our time was very stormy and foggy.  We spent a bunch of days hiking in the local vicinity and then warming and drying up in our cozy home.  Gradually, the weather improved and we began to journey in to the backcountry, mostly by canoe.  Jasper seemed to take to canoeing quite quickly.  He loves boats, throwing rocks in the water and looking for bugs...he's in the right place!

We ended up doing two backcountry canoe trips during July, both in Rock Harbor channel.  The first was to Threemile Campground and the second to Daisy Farm Campground.  On a different weekend, we were dropped off at Daisy Farm and then did dayhikes from there. 

The wildflowers were spectacular and the berries were coming on by the end of the month.  Every day in the month of July had an adventure and we lived up every moment!

A foggy start to our time on the Island
A spectacular day on the Stoll Trail
Orange Hawkweed

Jasper leading the way in our canoe
Rock Harbor Ranger Station

This moose was right outside our house!

Three-sided shelter at Daisy Farm, our first backcountry experience on the Island this summer

Wow!!  What a day for paddling!

Our canoeing set-up with Jasper in the bow in front of Susanna and all our gear in the middle

Loon in front of Middle Islands Passage

Canoeing near Daisy Farm

Sunset on Tobin Harbor

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