Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Isle Royale July

Mid summer came to Isle Royale with lots of calm waters with a mix of sunny and foggy skies.  The wildflowers came out in abundance.  Strawberries were blooming at the start of the month and blueberries and raspberries by the end of the month.  We had three sets of visitors:  Rori in early July, mom, dad and Mark in mid July, and Jack, Kelly and Evie in late July.  It was a lot of fun to show the island to our friends and family. 

In the end of July, gale force winds hammered the island, causing all boats to cancel for a day.  In addition, the Isle Royale Queen ran aground outside of Copper Harbor.  This all combined to make for a very busy Rock Harbor as everyone tried (unsuccessfully for quite some time) to get to or from the island.  It took over a week, but eventually life slipped back to normal. 
Foggy day for the Ranger III
Orange Hawkweek outside of Amygdaloid Ranger Station
Susanna, Jasper and Rori paddle off in to Tobin Harbor

Kayaking in Tobin Harbor
Wood Lilies on the trail up to Mt. Franklin

Excited to be on top of Isle Royale on Mt. Franklin!
Mark, Mom and Dad along Rock Harbor Channel
Happy Jasper playing with Grandma and Grandpa!
Lunch spot at Lookout Louise

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