Friday, July 24, 2015

Isle Royale June

Ever so slowly, summer arrived to Isle Royale during the month of June.  The leaves went from tiny to large and lush.  Temps gradually warmed and the insects started coming out.  We started slipping in to the backcountry more and more with two overnight canoe trips and many long day trips.  We saw moose in numerous places.  Jasper continues to love playing at the edge of the water, throwing rocks or watching the boats go by.  Life is simple and glorious!  Here are a few of our favorite photos from the month...
Jasper playing near Scoville Point

Tobin Harbor on a glass-calm day

Paddling out in to Tobin Harbor

More Tobin Harbor views
Calypso orchid

View from Mt. Franklin

Our little mountain climber with his trekking poles and everything!

Headnet in the backyard!

Time to go paddling!

Our canoe on a backcountry trip to Daisy Farm

We hear loons every day...
Early morning mist with loons outside of Daisy Farm
Sunset on Tobin Harbor

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