Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ausema Family Reunion

In late June, the whole Ausema clan met up in Breckenridge, Colorado for a wonderful week in a beautiful home deep in the mountains.  We had a wonderful time hiking a variety of trails, catching up on many stories, exploring the town, and lounging in the hot tub at night.  Snow draped the mountains in ribbons of white.  Thunderstorms loomed in the mountains most afternoons.  There were lots of interesting animals around.  We saw beaver, fox and mule deer.  Jasper had lots of fun playing with his cousins, hiking the rocky, rugged trails, looking for fish along the river walk in Breckenridge and taking the gondola in to the mountains.  It was a wonderful week which ended all to soon.  Thanks to everyone for making the reunion happen!  Until next time...
The four brothers and lots of kids!

Jasper and Grandma walking on a trail above Dillon Reservoir
Large snow drift on the trail near Hoosier Pass

Jasper loved the snowdrift and puddles of water!

Linnea is all smiles in her cool sunglasses!

Lots of kids...

Grandpa and Linnea reading a book

Our giant chalet deep in the mountains

On the trail to McCullough Gulch

On the gondola above Breckenridge

Anneke and Jasper peering out the window of the lodge

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