Sunday, July 27, 2014


On June 18th, we began an epic journey to the east on our return to the Northwoods.  The first segment of our journey involved crossing many of the Northwestern states en route to a family reunion in Colorado.  We left California to the north and entered Oregon.  We traveled across southern Oregon, then worked our way out across the wild, barren and surprisingly beautiful lands of SE Oregon.  Spent the first night in Hines, Oregon. 

Eastern Oregon
From there, we continued east in to Idaho and in to the spectacular Sawtooth Mountains. The second night was spent in Hailey, Idaho.

Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

From Hailey, we went to Craters of the Moon NM, Yellowstone NP, and on to Livingston, Montana for the night.  
Craters of the Moon NM, Idaho

Yellowstone NP, Wyoming
Bison in Yellowstone NP, Wyoming

On day four, we cruised through south central Montana with it's beautiful green grasses waving in the wind and towering, snow-covered peaks to the west, north and south.  We stopped at Little Bighorn Battlefield NM and then went on in to Wyoming. 
Little Bighorn Battlefield NM, Montana

Big Sky Country, Montana
Our next night was in Gillette, Wyoming.  A massive thunderstorm caught us in town, but we mostly missed it as we sat in a local restaurant eating ribs!  Our hotel had an indoor water park, which Jasper loved...but probably not as much as Susanna and I!

From here, we traveled south across the grasslands.  There were pronghorn everywhere.  We stayed with friends in Laramie and watched more powerful thunderstorms rumble through the area. 

Thunderstorms in Wyoming
The end of the first segment of our trip was Breckenridge, Colorado, the site of our Family Reunion!

Welcome to Colrado!

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