Thursday, December 6, 2012

The switch to the back...

Jasper is now 8 months old and is over 18 pounds!  For the last couple of months, it has been increasingly challenging to carry him on our chests.  He is getting big!  Finally, in November, we decided to switch him over to a backpack.  The first time we put him in a backpack, he proceeded to grab my left shoulder from behind and stretch his neck out as far as he could to be able to see around me.  He wasn't upset, just seemingly saying, "This is weird.  Daddy, I think you put me in the wrong place.  I can't see ahead very easily..."  We decided to try a different that allowed him to look over my shoulders more easily.  We were a little concerned that he wouldn't enjoy himself, but quickly realized that he was having a blast!      

Trinidad Head hike in mid-November

Excitement right from the start!

Hike to mouth of the Mad River in mid November

Mouth of the Mad River

Thanksgiving Day hike in Redwood NP

Life is good!

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