Thursday, November 1, 2012

A spooky, spooky day!

 I've always loved Halloween.  This year, it's been even more fun with a 7 month old!  We ended up going to two pumpkin patches.  The first pumpkin patch, we took a hay ride to get out there.  Jasper was very excited and curious.  It was beautiful sunny, crisp, Fall weather.  We found the perfect pumpkin, and then hopped on another hay ride back to the barn. 
The next evening, we went to a different pumpkin patch with good friends, Dave and Laura.  This is the 4 year in a row that we have done something together for Halloween (the 3rd year in a row that we have gotten together to go to a pumpkin patch).  There were low, ominous clouds...perfect for just before Halloween!  As the end of the day approached, the sun suddenly broke through the clouds for a stunning sunset and perfect lighting for the bright orange pumpkins.  That evening, we all carved pumpkins.
Finally, Halloween arrived!  Jasper was excited to be a "Pea Pod" and to go Trick or Treating!  Actually, we were probably more excited than he was!  We had Dave, Laura and Pam over for dinner and then wandered over to a few neighbors houses for some treats.  What a wonderful time of year!!   
In the pumpkin patch after the hay ride brought us out there

Somebodies VERY excited to be picking pumpkins!

Very curious!

In the pumpkin patch with Dave and Laura
Once again, very curious!

About to hed out Trick or Treating!

Our "Pea Pod" and the neighbor "Peacock"

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