Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The mountain lakes of Oregon

To celebrate the last 3 days of summer, the three of us ventured north to several mountain lakes in the Cascades of Southern Oregon.  The weather was sunny with temps in the 70's in the day and around 50 at night...perfect for camping!  We spent both nights camping at Lake of the Woods, which is a large lake just south of the impressive looking Mt. McLoughlin (9,495').  I hiked a 12 mile segment of the PCT, which wrapped around Brown Mountain, getting ever-closer to McLoughlin.  We enjoyed two evenings along the shores of the lake as we gazed at the sunset, a spectacular crescent moon setting over the distant mountains and finally a stunning night sky.      
On the shore of Lake of the Woods

Our campsite at Lake of the Woods

Along the PCT through an old lava flow
Along the PCT looking north at Mt. McLoughlin

Somebody is excited to be camping!
Mt. McLoughlin and Lake of the Woods


  1. What brand of tent are you using? 2 doors and vestibules? Good ventilation?

  2. This is where xavier and quinn went to cub scout camp this past summer... looks fabulous!