Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Backpacking among the ancient trees

In early October, I headed out into the wilds of Redwood National Park for a solo overnight backpacking trip.  I hiked down in to Tall Trees Grove, a remote stand of giants, then along Redwood Creek to my campsite at Elam Creek.  On the way, I saw fresh elk tracks and scat.  This time of year often has perfect weather...It's after the summer fog but before the winter rain.  I saw mostly sunny skies and a stunningly clear night.  My campsite was just a few feet above the water at the confluence of Redwood and Elam Creek.  On the second day, I backpacked up to almost 1400 feet (my campsite was at about 60 feet), then looped back to Tall Trees Grove and eventually my car.  It seemed to be a little used area of the park.  There were very few other hikers.  A fresh pile of bear scar added to the wildness!   
Redwood Creek

Some of the ancient giants along Redwood Creek
Redwood Creek reflection from my campsite

What a campsite!

My tent looks like a boulder on the right side of the picture

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