Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A walk on the PCT

This walk on the Pacific Crest Trail was a 157 mile walk! My brother John and I began a 10-day backpacking trip in Seiad Valley in Northern California almost at the Oregon border. We headed south on the PCT up into Marble Mountain Wilderness (which involved a nearly 5,000 foot climb). The Russian Wilderness was next, followed by Trinity Alps Wilderness and finally Castle Crags Wilderness and our ending point along I-5.

On day 3, we first saw a gigantic, snow drapped mountain to the east and south. This was our first view of Mount Shasta (14,162 feet). Over the next 7 days, we continued to get closer and closer to this giant. For much of the hike, the trail followed ridgelines to high mountain passes and beautiful, refreshing lakes with near continuous views of more mountains than we could count. We had many incredible campsites and so many awesome moments along the trail that it would be hard to account for all of it in a simple blog. These photos give a sampling of life on the PCT in Northern California!


  1. That's really beautiful scenery. Can I get my 4-Runner along this route? I can SUV hike much faster than the old fashioned kind of hiking you prefer.

  2. I totally wish I could have joined you on this journey. Sounds like an AMAZING adventure!

  3. Dude, this is phenomenal! PCT = Pretty Cool Terrain! And with your bro too...I'm mega-jealous. The sunset/sunrise shot is postcard worthy! You're writing a second book, right!!!