Friday, August 27, 2010

The end of summer is drawing near...

It's now nearly the end of August. The month started and ended with fantastic backpacking trips and in the middle, we had a wonderful visit from Susanna's mom and dad. The weather has continued to be hot and sunny inland and cool with morning fog and afternoon sun along the coast. The meadows, that were so brilliant green in the late spring and early summer, are now golden. Leaves are starting to change in a few places and the breezes of the last day or two have had a touch of Fall in them.
The first two photos are from our most recent backpacking trip in the King Range NCA along the southern segment of the Lost Coast Trail. The sunset is from near the top of Manzania Mountain looking out over the Pacific Ocean. The following morning, the ocean was covered in a layer of fog, but we were in the blue sky and sun!
The following photos were taken from Patricks Point State Park and Redwood National Park along the Bald Hills.

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