Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Later Spring on the Island...

May, 2016:  May began with lots of sunny skies, but by the end of the month, rainy and foggy weather was the norm.  Temps stayed cool throughout most of the month.  Susanna and Jasper arrived on the island.  We stayed living at Mott Island while some work was done on our house in Rock Harbor.  Flowers began to bloom and visitors began to trickle in.  It's an exciting time of year!  Many adventures are yet in front of us!

Calypso Orchid
Canoe Patrol along Amygdaloid Island
View of Canada to the North of Isle Royale
The rugged interior of Amygdaloid Island
A cold day at Mott Island

Susanna and Jasper on Mott Island on a warm day in May

A glorious sunset...

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