Thursday, April 17, 2014

Celebrating the Second Year!

We celebrated Jasper's 2nd birthday (April 2) by driving up to the coast of Oregon for a 3 day rustic cabin trip.  On the way, we hiked a very scenic trail in Jed Smith State Park (California) called the Boy Scout Trail.  The trail led through massive redwood trees to a stunning waterfall.  By late afternoon, we were moving in to a cozy cabin in Cape Blanco State Park, Oregon.  Sun crystals shimmered across the ocean toward the late day sun.  That evening, the sun set magnificently past a stately lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula.  The following day, we explored all around Cape Blanco and also nearby Port Orford Headlands State Park.  After a celebration of a frosting-packed cake (which Jasper loved!), we hiked several beautiful trails at Port Orford.  As the sun dropped toward the western sky, we watched whales off the rugged coast.  It was a fun 3-day celebration of our little boy, now two years old!
The massive redwoods along Boy Scout Ttrail

Waterfall at the end of Boy Scout Trail

Our cozy cabin at Cape Blanco SP

Happy campers in the cabin!
Late afternoon lighting at Cape Blanco

Looking North from Cape Blanco near sunset

Lighthouse sunset

Rugged coast along Port Orford Headlands

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  1. That little cabin at Cape Blanco SP looks really cool!