Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More adventures beyond Seattle

Olympic National Park lived up to the hype!  After Port Townsend, we journeyed to Port Angeles to stay with our friends Rainey and Rich for two nights.  They work for Olympic NP and were excited to show us the sites.  We ventured up to Hurricane Ridge for a stunning mountain day of sunshine, trails, marmots and shifting fog off of the snow fields.   

The following day, under a steady rain, we ventured south to the town of Kelso.  We took a great walk in a local park, then went to dinner and a swim at our hotel.  We were awaiting one more grand adventure...Mt. St. Helens!  It was still raining the next day when we drove up toward this well-known volcano.  As the day progressed though, the rain stopped and the mountain slowly began to show itself through rapidly moving clouds.  We took a couple of nice walks and marveled at the brilliant wildflowers. 

By evening, we were back in Seattle and ready to fly back home the next morning.  Short, but sweet!
Family portrait on Hurricane Ridge, Olympic NP

Close up view of Mt. Olympus the highest mountain in the Olympics

There were many deer browsing on the early summer grasses
Fog rose mysteriously from the snow fields along Hurricane Ridge

Jasper leads us down a trail near Mt. St. Helens

A curious little boy!

Mt. St. Helens rises dramatically out of the clouds

Jasper is checking out the grasses and flowers on a hike near Mt. St. Helens

Stunning wildflowers frame Mt. St. Helens

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