Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To the summit of Bear Basin Butte

With brilliant blue sky above and a warm sun shining down, we began backpacking the 2-mile, 1,000 foot climb to the summit of Bear Basin Butte.  At the summit was a simple cabin with a wood stove, table and a couple of bunk beds, our home for the night!  In one direction, we could see the rugged Siskiyou Mountains and the snow covered Marble Mountains beyond.  In another direction, we could see the heavily forested, Coastal Mountains and the shimmering ocean beyond.  Jasper began an exciting couple of hours of exploration!  His favorite thing was picking up tiny rocks and (after tasting them) throwing them as far as he could (about a foot or two...although sometimes they would go backwards!).  The sunset was perfect and an ancient star-covered sky followed. 

The following morning, we watched a blazing sunrise over the Marble Mountains.  Fog covered the valley way below.  It was a glorious couple of days with a taste of the summer to come!       
Jasper peeks around the edge of the backpack at the stunning mountains in the distance!

Jasper in the middle of his exploration of the cabin area

North summit of Bear Basin Butte

Side view of the cabin and the view to the Siskiyou Mountains

Daddy and Jasper at the summit!
Sunset view to the east

Early morning fog in the valleys to the west

On the way back down the mountain...


  1. Hello, I've been hired by the Pierson family (for whom the cabin is named) and the Forest Service to create a 20th Anniversary poster for this cabin. I was hoping to use one of the photos you posted here. And if so, would you have a higher resolution version of it I could use?

    PS: I love your blog!

    you can contact me through gmail at kirkiscool.

  2. Getting close to the deadline. They really like the photo.