Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A night on the PCT

In late June, we headed out of town on a 5-day mini vacation to Eastern California and Lake Tahoe.  The first day and night of our adventure took us to the Pacific Crest Trail!  With cool temps and sunny skies, we headed out on a hike on the PCT from Hat Creek Rim, south toward Mount Lassen.  Susanna and Jasper hiked with me for a ways, then I ventured on solo for a little over 10 miles where I met up with them again near a gravel road.  At the intersection of the gravel road and the PCT was a wonderful spot to camp next to Hat Creek, a rushing river.  After a chilly night of camping, we continued on to Reno, where we would spend the next 3 nights...  

Our beautiful campsite along Hat Creek 
 Susanna and Jasper huddle inside the tent to ward off the early morning, mountain chill
 It snowed overnight on Mt. Lassen!  Notice the picture above taken on day 1 and the picture below taken on the morning of day 2.

Mt. Shasta towers over the morning clouds below Hat Creek Rim

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