Sunday, April 15, 2012

A visit from Michigan

In late March, the Bass family arrived for a visit to the North Coast. The rain fell in torrents for the first few days and flooding was rampant. Gradually, the storms became fewer and farther in between. We spent time in Redwood National Park and the Trinidad area together. Later in the visit, they also spent time in Patricks Point State Park and more time in Redwood NP on their own.

On April 2nd, the visit took an intriguing and powerful turn. I'll update that story in the next blog entry. It was a WONDERFUL visit and we were sad to see them leave!
The flooding was incredible in Redwood NP (above). Owen enjoying a puddle-filled trail in the park (below).The "Arco Giant" in Redwood NP (below) of the largest trees on earth.The Bass family is dwarfed by a giant...Gabriel and Owen in the heart of a Redwood grove (below).The day turned sunny in Trinidad!Randy in his "photographers" pose.

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  1. Sounds like a great adventure for everyone!