Friday, May 13, 2011

Tide Pooling in Trinidad

The Pacific Ocean is absolutely amazing. Not only does it have massive waves, crazy storms, endless horizons and incredible sunsets, but it also has an intriguing animal world which is revealed for only a couple of hours twice a day. The other day, we took advantage of a very low tide to go look for some of the more elusive creatures. Trinidad is a great place to go tide pooling. There is a wide beach which is easy to navigate as well as a large concentrations of wildlife along the rocky pinnacles and boulders which are strewn throughout the beach.

We ended up finding countless sea stars, mussels, sea anemones, clams and barnacles as well as sea cucumbers and even a hungry river otter! Circling overhead, were gulls of all sorts, pelicans, cormorants and a majestic bald eagle. After a couple of hours of exploration, we followed the rising tide up to solid ground, then hiked around Trinidad Head. Here, we topped off our day by seeing six gray whales!

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  1. WOW! You guys saw an otter! That's awesome!