Friday, March 25, 2011

Powerful Coastal Storms

We have been in the midst of some crazy storms throughout most of the month. In fact, the month of March has had measurable precipitation on all but two of its days so far! We are on schedule to double the average amount of precipitation for March.

Yesterday, I went for a couple of hikes in and around the town of Trinidad (just north of our house). The wind was blowing the rain horizontally at times and moments later it would be calm and sunny. Then, moments after this, the rain would be back. I was out for a couple of hours and had three powerful storm cells hit me, one of which had winds that could have flattened me if I wasn't prepared for it! Here are a few photos of the hike...
Many of the storms also contain hail. One of those storms recently turned the ground white with hail while we were in the midst of a walk through town. We hunkered down in the library and let it pass. When we returned home, we still found hail covering our back porch.

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