Friday, February 4, 2011

The Sunny Coast

The winter months along the northern coast of California are typically full of rain. The sun may shine here or there, but rain is the norm. This year has been the exception! Since the beginning of January, we have had day after day of sunny weather. In fact, we have had just two storms in 2011. One lasted a few days and the other lasted less than 24 hours. Every other day has been sunny! We've taken advantage of the weather by hiking and biking a lot. Our main focus of hiking has been Redwood NP and our main focus of biking has been the nearby Hammond Trail (which we can access right near our house). We also had a wonderful hike to Elk Head near Trinidad, which we did with 15 people from church.

Well, with that said, it's sunny out, so I'm heading to the beach!

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