Thursday, April 22, 2010

Visit #2 from Michigan

Just after Al left, our good friend Gabe arrived for a visit. Gabe also came all the way from Michigan! Once again, we had a wonderful time exploring the local area with our visitor. Our exploring ended up taking us out of the area as well. Gabe and I drove up into Oregon to visit friends Smitty and Shawn, who live just south of Crater Lake National Park. Suddenly, we were back in winter.
We had a fantastic time snowshoeing and skiing along the rim of Crater Lake. With the brilliant blue sky and even more brilliant blue lake, along with the sparkling snow from a blizzard that had just ended, no words could describe how beautiful it was. We just soaked in one of the most breathtaking scenes in the world with little more than occasional exclamations of "Wow!"
After returning back to coastal California, we found continued blue sky with very strong winds. Once again, we marvelled at the rugged, windswept coast. Thanks for a wonderful visit, Gabe!

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  1. I had a blast! Thanks to you both and your friends, Smitty and Shaun, for all your hospitality.