Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Great Desert Escape!

I've finally done it! I am completely done with training. This training began in mid March of this year and as of Monday, October 19th at approximately 11 a.m. is now over! From mid March until mid July, I was at the Federal Law Enforcment Training Center in Georgia. From early August until this past Monday, I was in Field Training in Yucca Valley, CA, Bishop, CA and Gerlach, NV.

My final phase of Field Training was back in Yucca Valley. Now, there's really nothing wrong with the desert. It's wild, rugged and beautiful in its own way. But, I am a cool and wet climate person at heart. While leaving the desert this past Monday, I couldn't help but cheer. I was going home!!! Later, when I saw the towering peaks of Mt. Lassen (10,462 feet) and then the completely snowy bulk of Mt. Shasta (14,179 feet), I knew I had left the desert behind.

I'm now happily back in McKinleyville, along the Pacific Ocean, with my wife. All this crazy training is behind me!

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  1. It sure took a lot of training to get you to the point where you could walk on a beach for 3 days and call it work. You keep the cool and wet climate of the northwest and I'll keep the warm and dry climate of the southwestern desert, at least during the winter months. Of course in March I'm returning to Colorado to once again enjoy a wonderfully mild summer amongst the beautiful mountains. And I get paid for that! I think we both have it about as good as it's going to get. Jr Ranger.