Thursday, May 7, 2009

Canoeing on the Altamaha River

Mike's almost 8 weeks through the academy! Yippee!

Last weekend my roommates offered to drop us off upriver on the Altamaha, so that Mike and I could explore the river in our canoe. We didn't see any alligators in the swift-flowing water, but lots of pretty scenery. The blue skies, green trees, and brown, fast-flowing water reminded us of our rafting adventure on the Colorado River last spring.

Afterwards, as I was baking a cake in the kitchen of the house where I'm living, Mike looked outside on the porch to check on the dogs. He came in and in an eerily calm voice said, "Susanna, I think that house is on fire." He was so calm that I thought his words were an exaggeration, but when I looked up, I too, could see the tall orange flames engulfing the neighbor's house. In the next instant, we heard the sirens approaching the heavily wooded neighborhood. Mike said that the flames were licking the tree canopy. It was scary, and ultimately so sad, to see the flames destroy a home. Nobody was hurt, but it was so close, and happened so quickly. Now the home is just a blackened pile of ashes.

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