Monday, April 13, 2009


Mike and I drove about an hour north last weekend to explore Savannah and nearby Fort Pulaski National Historic Site (managed by the National Park Service). Savannah at first was overwhelming, due to lots of traffic and misleading signage. So we drove straight through to the fort, where we spent about four hours attending the guided tour, watching living history volunteers fire the muskets (see photo), hiking out to an old lighthouse (in the photo, Mike is trying to block out the development on the island behind the lighthouse), and just wandering around. We enjoyed the fort way more than we expected. From there, we drove back into Savannah, where we parked in a parking garage and set off on foot to explore the town. First, we made our way to the waterfront, where they happened to be celebrating "First Saturday", so all the local venders and artisans had little booths and food samples set up to be enjoyed by the many passers-by. Then we wandered among the old houses and through the many parks, where weddings were taking place, families were playing, and spring was in the air. It was a very pleasant visit.

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