Tuesday, March 17, 2009

At Home in Georgia

Pictures from the drive across the country: Golden Gate Bridge, packing the car with too much stuff, views through the windshield, Buffalo River National Scenic Riverway, Little River Canyon (another NPS site), azaleas (which are blooming everywhere in Brunswick!)

Well, after an 11 day road trip through 10 states (including the length of California), Mike and I have arrived in Georgia and made ourselves at home. I’m living with a married couple in their beautiful home just outside of Brunswick, about 15 minutes from Mike. I have a large bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet to myself, and full use of the kitchen and other living areas. In the mornings, I wake up to the sound of a cardinal chirping right outside my window, and then I eat my breakfast on a large, screened-in porch. The horses and dogs greet me with tail wags and winnying, and the birds continue to sing.

We didn’t know what to expect for Mike’s lodging. When we arrived at the academy, the lady that registered him said that there are two types of housing- the older dorms, which they call the “crack houses”, and the newer ones, called the “Taj”. Any guesses where Mike ended up? That’s right, the Taj! We drove about a mile further onto the campus, and discovered three large, five-story yellow buildings, with a pool in the courtyard. He has a room on the fourth floor, complete with a double bed, couch, chairs, a kitchenette, and a private bathroom. And, of course, an ironing board, which was quickly put to use when it came time for Mike’s uniform to be ironed. He even has maid service every day, so he comes home to clean linens and towels (or “terry service” as they call it). Also, dining hall offers a lot of variety, and he eats for free. All in all, it’s a pretty nice setup!

We’ll probably be able to see each other most evenings, and we’re looking forward to our weekend adventures together. From what I’ve seen, this area of Georgia is quite beautiful, especially the old homes in Brunswick, with bright pink azaleas blooming in the yards. Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers!


  1. sounds like you guys are getting settled!

  2. Wow, we've been here 11 years and haven't made it to the Okefenoke! I ran a 10K there in 1978, however.
    It's great to have family in Georgia.
    Cousin Elaine

  3. I can't believe how well Mike is being taken care of, is he really going to want to give up terry service?